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noun \j-mann\
1: Queercore Whore
2: a · Ladyboy Artist
b · Example; "Im not an artist/Im a fucking work of art."-MM
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Jul. 31st, 2012 @ 03:12 am Details, Details: Sex Survey
Current Mood: predatorypredatory
What's your name? Birth Certificate: Joanna Corbridge, Identity: Juwana Mann, Nickname: MariJuwana/Zebra Hamster/Buddah Jesus/Juju

Age? World Time: 20, At Heart: 8

Are you a virgin? No.

Do you remember your first time? Yes. First time i was sexually active was backstage at a JSE concert with my then girlfriend. First time i was with a guy was in a tent with a friend.

If you could change your first, would you? First girl, no, not for the world. First guy, no, i wouldnt change that either. They both mean a lot to me.

Favorite Position? Play fighting knows no position! XD

Foreplay or Roleplay? Both. Every good lesbo knows how to play up the foreplay and bring out the roles ;)

Rough or sensual? Loud, hard, fast. Sensuality is saved for those who deserve it, everyone else is satisfied with getting the fix.

Have you ever had a one night stand? Several. At least, as far as i actually remember XD

Do you prefer to make love or f*ck? Depends. Once youuve “made love” its hard to see sex the same way ever again, and i personally dont like to waste doing so on anyone who isnt worth it. Once theyve earned their place in my heart im more liable to being that vulnerable with them, although theres never a guarantee.

Do you like kissing during sex? Who doesnt? XP

Would you consider yourself loud or quiet? Both, in extremes. Im either megaphoned or near silent.

Do you moan? Again, depends on the situation.

Do you like to talk dirty? Only with certain types ;)

Do you like to have your hair pulled? No. Tug, maybe. But playing with my hair will get me a lot farther than yanking on it.

Do you like to be spanked? Only if i get to reciprocate >:D

How many sexual partners have you had in the last month? 1 1/2

Could you live without sex? Yes and no. I could live without sex, but i couldnt live a life completely devoid of sexuality.

Do you like oral sex? I like giving when it comes to women, not so much when it comes to men, and i dont tolerate oral from anyone who doesnt know what theyre doing, period dot.

How many times have you had sex in one day? 14. Some people simply can NOT control their own junk, let alone someone elses or, god forbid, liquored up junk XD

Have you ever had a 3-some? Yes, but i prefer the term “tag team” :P

Have you ever been caught in the act? The very first time we were caught...by everyone else at the concert XDDD

What's your biggest turn on? Tie. Aggression and, not gonna lie, burning.

Have you ever had sex with someone else in the room? Yeahh...i still feel bad about that >.<

Are you still gonna have sex when you're 70? Most likely wont make it to 70, so id say not.

Have you ever used toys during sex? Yes indeedy weedy. I love using my whip, fuzzy cuffs, leash, and my “light saber” ^-^ Also, never underestimate the power in simple little things like bandannas, belts, and hand lotion!

Have you ever tied someone up during sex? Quite a few times

Have you ever been tied up during sex? Never XD

Can you remember who gave you the best sex of your life? Yes.

Can you remember who gave you the worst? Ditto.

Ever been with someone you regret? A few. Some girls are just waaay too insane to put up with.

(Girls) Are you a scratcher? Unfortunately, yes.

(Girls) Do you like to be on top? Depends. If im with a girl, usually yes, but with a guy i prefer taking the submissive.

When is the best time of day to have sex? Early morning and late night

When was the last time you had sex? Not sure, a week or so ago

Where was the last place you had sex? Bed, surprisingly.

Do you remember who it was with? Noooo, of course not *Rolls eyes*

Was it with a person you love? Yes.

How long did it last? Idk, my bedside timer was malfunctioning

Did they enjoy it? To some degree.

Did you enjoy it? Ditto.

Do you regret having sex with this person? I did for a little bit, before i remembered all the reasons i dont.

Longest you've gone without sex? 2 years

Do you like sex? In general? Im human, so yeah. Otherwise it depends entirely on the person/situation.

What is it that you absolutely need sexually? Intensity. Nothing is more boring and blaise than casual sex. If it doesnt make youu feel alive, it isnt worth it. The way to sex should be paved with intellectual stimulation as well. No fuck is complete without a mindfuck to go with it ;)

What is something you have always wanted to try? Ive yet to seduce a nurse or a nun XD Also, real fangs is a big one on the bucket list :P

What is something you have never done in bed before? Sleep? Nawwh jkjk... Id have to say anal, because theres no way in hell, EVER, period dot.

What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on? Im a visually aesthetic person, i like to see anything new or different, and all the better if its edgy. Other than that im not actually an image kinda person, looks dont matter very much to me. The only thing i “need” are eyes...if the eyes are beautiful, thats all it takes 

How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? If youu mean wander below the collar/waist, i can go for hooours before actually touching ;) Drawing things out is what im good at, but if need be my specialty is quick fast and hard.

If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you nervous or excited? Seems to happen all the time to me hahaa...depends on who im with and whos in the next room, but usually its a mixture of both.

Would it bother you if your bf/gf got naked at a beach or river?
Been there, done that, lost the tshirt for it and wasnt bothered XD

Have you ever faked an orgasm?
Actually...not really. Ive never been completely off during sex, and i know the difference between being satiated and an orgasm. I can have one without the other, so i dont see a need to “fake” anything.

What Part of your body are you self-conscious about?
Chest. Until i have the surgery, it will always feel weird and foreign to me, and if i dont have a binder on it will make it 10X worse and sometimes even impossible for me to even get in the right mindset. IDRGAF about the rest of me...its just those stupid things that i cant deal with.

Do you have any sexual regrets?
I try to make a point to regret nothing in life, but if i did it would be chances i should have takenthat would have gotten me to more fulfilling places.

If a lover cheated on you would you take them
Been there, done that, wont ever do it again.

How Important is sex in your life?
Its not “important”. Its desired and wanted, but not “needed”, and therefore not high on my list of priorities when it comes to whats important in life.

How Important is love in your life?
Monumental. Its one of the driving forces of living, and its definitely a need for me.

What is the biggest fight you have ever had with a bf/gf?
Tie. Fight that led to my first gf getting her ass handed to her and subsequently made her switch schools and backstab meduring the inquiry...And fight with a bf that led to the utter destruction of our entire world.

Do you believe in make-up sex?
Sometimes... ;)

Have you ever told a complete stranger something you kept from a lover?
Nooo... o_O

Have you ever rebounded and known you were doing so?
Yupp. And she was really there for me on so many levels.

Who did you lose your virginity to?
Girl – Kaylee, Guy - Damian

When and Where did you lose your virginity?
Girl – 2004 in the back of a JSE concert, Guy – 2012 backyard trailer

Would you go down on your bf/gf at a restaurant?
Depends on the restaurant... ;)

Where would you have sex in public?
Ive already got quite a list of public nookie haunts... XD

Would you ever have sex while at work?
Tooo laaaate... bahahaaa :P

Would you have sex in the rain?
...Again...this has already happened for me XP Not to say it wouldnt be awesome another time, but cmon!

What movie makes you horny?
All “our” movies like Night Of The Demons, The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love, Underworld, Ginger Snaps, Black Swan, Across The Universe, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show

What is the highest number of orgasms you have had in one sex romp?

How many do you wish you could have?
Doesnt matter XD

What do you like Trimed,Shaved or natural?
All of the above? XDDD Usually, trimmed

Would you have sex in a dressing room?
...well goddammitt...why is it ive already done all of these?

What sounds do you like to hear during sex?
Biggest turn on is when the musics playing so loud youu can only barely hear the other person scream ;)

How many times a week do you like to have sex?
Depends on my mood and my psyche, so anywhere between a couple times a week to a couple times a day

Do you want to try the 69 position?
*Snores* Oh sorry, whatchu say? Old news.

What are the top 3 erogenous zones on your body?
Capricorn, so skin is the big one. My hair would be next as im always playing with it, and last but not least my hands, i can be totally turned on just by running my hands over someones arms/back/etc.

Lights on or off?
Im nocturnal. Dark. Candlelight is best if needed for those who cant see in the dark as well as i can >:D Plus it heightens all other senses, which is why dark rooms with lots of cushy props and loud music are the bomb ^-^

Lacy Panties/Silk Boxers or Leather?
Leather, black, yesnaoplz.

Fast & Hard or Slow & Gentle?
Both, when appropriate

Standing up or Laying down
Actually, starting with one up one down before going all down is more my style XD

Soft or Firm touch?
I prefer firm and aggressive on all areas but the main show.

Under Covers or On top?
Both are fun, unless youu are in a really tight sleeping bag XP

Have you ever hooked up on a swing set?
A porch swing, yeah

What is your favorite sexual setting?
The Cave variation i mentioned before, or water-theme >:D

Who was on your mind while you did this survey?
Actually...no one in particular unrelated to specific questions.
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