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noun \j-mann\
1: Queercore Whore
2: a · Ladyboy Artist
b · Example; "Im not an artist/Im a fucking work of art."-MM
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Nov. 10th, 2011 @ 06:46 am BifNaked=My World ATM <3
Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Bif Naked Lyrics that are srsly getting me through each day right now...
The last one is most important...planning on getting the matching tat soon<3

"My Whole Life"

I don't wanna wait forever/But you know i would/You'd better hope i don't say "now or never"/'Cause you know i could/My whole life i'm searchin' for someone like you/To take me gently by the hand and show me what to do.
My whole life, it's not over/It's my whole life...
If you're gonna say you love me/Then,i love you,too/I don't wanna hear you tell me shut up again/Yeah,i heard you.
My whole life is flashing right before my eyes/No more fabricated hellos and no more sad goodbyes

"Stolen Sidewalk"

I'm a junkie, I'm a whore/That's what you always called me/I am raw, an open sore/I ache to remind me...
I'm a weakling, you are strong/Pick me up from where I lay/Here on a stolen sidewalk/Baby,don't make me beg...
I'm religious once again/We all are before we die... /And I am so sick to death/Wasted tears I cry/And who said love would always mend/And fill the emptiness again/Should light a single candle... /Make a prayer in my name.
The closest thing I found to heaven/Is sitting here,talking to you...

"You'll Never Know"

Swallow your pride and just let me in/I don't wanna hurt you you know I'm your friend/If this is the outcome of all we've been through/It seems like a waste,I can't take all this waiting for you
I won't wait,I can't wait here anymore/So hard it hurts, but I'll never learn/And you'll never know how much it burns/Won't take it back,I meant every word/But you only hear what you wanna hear/You never believe me cos I'm always wrong/You say that you're leaving,the fire is gone/If I am the monster and this is our song/Sing with me lover and tell me that you're never wrong
I won't wait,I cant wait here anymore/So hard it hurts, but I'll never learn/And you'll never know how much it burns/Won't take it back,I meant every word
But you only hear what you wanna hear (I'll never learn)

Oh,why should I stay and pretend?/You make me laugh again/My darling,truth is - we are not even friends!/Oh,love comes and it goes/Where yer heart stops - no one knows.../How did I wind up in the is mess,here - with you

"Moment Of Weakness"

Just a moment of weakness/I should examine my head!/Just a moment of weakness/I never meant a word I said

"The World Is Over"

She said; "The world is over"/I can't believe its true/How can it all be over/When I am not over you?
I know the world is ending/I'm telling you it's true/There ain't no use pretending/I'll ever get over you

Busted!/And I can't believe I trusted,implicitly/And I lusted for reality/I got rusted anxiety
Come on you can tell me/Stop yanking my chain/I know you are hiding/Everything/Do you know what I mean?/Do you know what I know?/Yeah you better believe it/Do you see what I see?/Do you understand me?/Baby,are you feeling me?
Tell me, how do you sleep?/In your bed of true deceit/Are hungry, hungry for me?/Or is it just conditioning?

You sink to my level,just like a stone/On your way back to the ground/You wonder what happened to make me different/I'm impatient when you are around
You're alone/But you get what you deserve/Now,we are alone/But we get what we deserve
If I am alive for the first time/I must have died inside/So I could let go of things/That weren't mine/I'm crashing and burning/You're crashing and burning/We're crashing and burning
If only you listened to words I say/And hear them for what they are/I'm hopeful and foolish, but you never change/And that's something I know in my heart
You're a "star."/But nothing about you shines/I am a star/And we get what we deserve
You and me will never learn!/Cause we get what we deserve!/Baby,we were meant to burn

"Ladybug Waltz"

I crawl along,hang on the hem of your dress/I'm holding on, Boy don't forget I'm a mess/I'm into you/I pull myself up to your chinny-chin chin/When I reach your mouth, you're gonna let me in/I'm into you
Baby ladybug/Baby ladybug/I'm lost in your hair/Can you feel me there?/Baby ladybug/Baby ladybug/Well,I fly to heaven/To come back and land in your mouth
I hide,in you,my little bug games/Between your seams I call your name/I'm into you
Don't lose sight of me on the back of your neck.
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